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 Again we are writing a blog post on attitude status particularly on life and Love. It is the collection of very unique attitude status. You would be delighted to read this article.
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Life has become so hard to live that people are experiencing frustration as they grow up. This is due to the kind of competition we have faced in every field. 

The purpose of this article about attitude status is to give you confidence and vigor to live life without making it complicated.
Let’s go straight to the collection:

Top 20 Attitude Status and Quotes On Life  For WhatsApp

1. Learn to enjoy life, time will keep you happy!
2. What we want in life do not get easily, faced in but there is a fact of life that whatever we want is not easy.

Couple huging with a attitude status on side

Attitude Status
3.  The life that has not been reviewed and tested, is not worth living.
4. It is enough for a moment to live, provided how you live in it.
5. Life is a play if we understand its plot, then it can always be happy.
6. Every moment of life teaches something!
7. Life is the name of people to love, serve them, empower them and encourage them.

Attitude Status
8. The biggest use of life is to put it in something that will remain after life itself.
9. Dying is all but important is how you have lived your life.
10. There are two ways to live life! First: Learn how to achieve what you like! Second: Learn to love what is achieved!

Status 11-20

11. No one can become great without ideal, discipline, dignity, diligence, honesty and high human values.
12. Life is not the same as you wish for it, it becomes what you make it.
13. Some desires are necessary to keep life moving.
  Attitude Status on how the world is
Attitude Status
14. The world is like a birthday cake. Take your share, but leave the big part.
15. Life is his, whose regret is to die, otherwise, afterlife it is only for everyone to die!
16. Do not be afraid of death; Do not be afraid of life. You do not have to live forever, you just have to live.
17. Life can be understood only after looking back, But it should live onwards.
18. Life is not bound to give us whatever we want.
19. The life spent in making mistakes is not only more honorable but also useful than a life spent without any help!
Attitude Status
20. If you improve your tongue, then there is no time to improve your life.

Top 20 Attitude Status and Quotes On Love For WhatsApp

21. Love can not be defined by any word or any book. This can only be felt.
22. Whenever I’m away from you, I’ll read your old messages and letters again and again!
Attitude Status on love
Attitude Status
23. Being loved by someone gives strength to you and giving love to someone gives you courage.
24. Do not ask me why I love you because then I will have to tell the reason for my life.
25. The best place to live in the world is in someone’s heart.
26. Love is as clean and delicate as water.
27. It is not necessary that human beings are beautiful, beautiful and very beautiful; good is the person who is with you when you need it.
28. Everyone says love should be done only once in life, but Inonpresence wants to love you again and again.
attitude status
29. There is no way for you to find love, maybe you get only what you do not care about you.
30. As everything seems to be easy with love, everything seems to be possible with hope in the same way.

 Cool Character  Status 31-40

31. If there was such a thing in that person, then it would have been lost ..!
32. Hated from the world, one is in love with you.
33. You love as much as you can, if you have to fall apart, then you can stay alive …. !!
Attitude Status on one that person and a heart
Attitude Status
34. Thousands of people, I want only one person, who can not hear my evil, my non-presence!
35. Love is only one word until you realize it.
36. I know you have fallen asleep, reading me, but I will stay awake all night, writing to you.
37. Take two drops of my love, life will pass through the intoxication.
38. If you are not asked to stay in the heart, this is the place where you are captured.

Attitude Status and a couple holding each other in dark

Attitude Status
39. Come together to pray for our love … One hand is yours and one hand is mine.
40. Do not know what innocence is on your face. It feels good to hide from you more than coming in front of you.


Final Words

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Attitude Status and Quotes On Life and Love (Top 40) For WhatsApp

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