Today in this article, we will come across some beautiful WhatsApp status you can use for your WhatsApp Profile.

WhatsApp is a well known social media platform. Here friends share Pictures, Audios, Videos, files and text with each other.

Mostly it is used to chat with loved ones. WhatsApp has billions of users today. It is used worldwide.

After one signs up for the WhatsApp account, he thinks about the status he could use for his profile. That is where this article is useful.

Whatsapp status on a wall
Whatsapp Status

Different people use a different type of status. Some use attitude status, some use love status while others use friendship status. We will be sharing every type in this article.

Superb WhatsApp Status

Whatsapp status
Whatsapp status

1. If there is something to be done in life then change the way, not the intention.

2. The day you have grown your thinking, big people will start thinking about you.

3. Every man is hero of his life.They only don’t get released…

4. “Duas” never go away …. Just people do not wait ….

5. No goal big, if the intentions are strong.

6. Great dreams of great dreamers always come true.

Cool Whatsapp status
Whatsapp status

7. To get something, do not lose anything but do something.

8. Do not be afraid to walk slowly but rather stay scared of stopping!

9. Man who bends in front of God does not bend him in front of anyone.

Whatsapp status

10. Gathering happiness brings age. But Hands eventually remain empty. Then it was realized that .. happy people are those “who were sharing happiness”.

11. No great person complains about the lack of opportunities.

Whatsapp status about the great persons
Whatsapp status

12. No great person complains about the lack of opportunities.

13. Sitting down is the most tiring thing in the world because it is impossible to sacrifice all and relax.

Whatsapp quote

14. Human beings need difficulties because they are important to enjoy success.

15. As long as we do not think of others and do nothing for them, then we lose the biggest source of happiness.

16. Constant success shows us one side of the world. The objections also show the other side of the picture.

17. If a person wants to learn something, then every mistake he or she learns something.

Whatsapp status and the successful personalities

Whatsapp status

18. Do not try to be a successful person, but be a person who works at values.

19. If you want to succeed, then destroy your ‘pride’ first.

20. Do not wait for the opportunity. Today’s opportunity is best.

Most Valuable Whatsapp Status

21. It is better to hear the scolding of the wise than to hear praises from fools.

Whatsapp status and a little child
Whatsapp status

22. Life Once I make a decision, then do not look back and look back because overturning does not make history.

Whatsapp status

23. Most people are as happy as they decide on their minds.

24. A creative person is motivated by the desire to get something, not the loss of others.

25. Expect problems and eat them at breakfast.

26. Before the dreams come true, you have to dream.


27. Success is a poor teacher. It develops thinking in people that they can not fail.

Whatsapp status

28. Everything has beauty in it, but not everyone sees it.

29. Success depends on the preparation is already done, and the failure of such preparation is certain.

30. By knowing our abilities and by believing in them, we can make a better world map.

31. Three things can not hide longer, sun, moon and truth.

 Whatsapp status and a creature
Whatsapp status

32. A person is a creature made up of his thoughts, whatever he thinks he becomes.

33. Things do not happen on their own, they have to do.

34. Select the work you like, then you will not work full life for one day.

Top 15 Whatsapp Status

New status

35. Every difficulty that you turn off, will become a ghost and obstruct your sleep.

36. Age thinks, young man does.

37. You can not cross the river just by standing up and seeing the water.

Best Status

38. Winners do not do different things, they do things differently.

39. A hero is not brave more than a common man, but he remains brave for five minutes.

40. A person who is wasting the time of one hour, he has not understood the value of life.

41. We are more intelligent than we know.

Whatsapp status

42. Even if the snake is not poisonous, it should also be an expression of poisoning.

 Whatsapp status about the decisions
Whatsapp status

43. The reason for what I am today is the decision that I made yesterday.

44. For the victory of evil, only good people should do nothing.

45. Happiness is a rare thing among intelligent people, I know it.

Whatsapp status

46. Most changes in the environment often require changes within a person.

47. Do not allow the behavior of others to destroy the peace of your mind.

 Whatsapp status about the indecisive persons
Best status

48. The person who is habitually indecisive, there is no more pathetic than that person.

49. How frightening it is that we have to fight our own government to protect the environment.

50. In the question of an intelligent person, half the answer remains hidden.

Final Thoughts

It took us a lot of hard work to collect this collection for you.  Hope you liked this WhatsApp status article.

Now, you can change the status of Whatsapp every week. Find the one that suits your profile and install it.

We have diverse Status like love statusNice StatusFriendship status covered in this article and in a separate article as well.

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